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Best Python IDEs And Code Editors In 2022

Python is a straightforward language. It’s easy to learn and can be utilized as a starting point for different programming languages or frameworks. If you’re a complete novice and this is your first experience working with any programming language, it’s something you should consider. Python will be primarily used for web improvement on servers, programming development, prearranging, math, and human-made consciousness. It is a powerful language that can be used on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and the list goes on. You can compose Python using the basic text editor; it is also possible to write, you can also use a code editor, or an IDE can dramatically increase your productivity. This article highlights the most popular 10 Python code editors and IDEs to be aware of in 2022.

Before moving ahead, let’s know a bit about Python Most Important IDEs.

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What are Python code editors and IDEs? Editors?

Suppose you’re new to programming or an established developer. In that case, it is essential to require an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) or an editor for code to show your programming skills and abilities. An IDE is a program that integrates the most commonly used tools for developers into an easy-to-use GUI (Graphical User interface). An IDE mainly consists of the source code editor that creates software code and local build automation that enables you to build a locally-built version of the program, such as a compilation of sources for computers. Additionally, it comes with a debugger, a program to test other software. An IDE may have many additional options apart from these, and the features vary with each IDE.


Atom is a more out-of-the-case prepared open-source CE that finds harmony between Sublime’s presentation/customization and a short arrangement time. Atom has a clean and sleek appearance and is controlled via an electron front-end structure. It’s a device for creating work area applications using JS, CSS, and HTML.

  • Atom is an Open-Source editor for code created by Github and is compatible with Python development
  • Atom is like Sublime Text and provides almost the same features, focusing on speed and user-friendliness.
  • Price is: Free

The most prominent characteristics of Atom are:

  • Support for a variety of plugins
  • Smart autocompletion
  • Custom commands allow users to interact with the editor
  • Support for development on cross-platform platforms


Wing has also become a renowned and robust IDE that is available today. It has numerous features that developers need to develop in Python. It has a full debugger and the most potent Python editor, making interactive Python development speedy, precise, and enjoyable. Wing also offers a 30-day trial version for developers to experience a sample of the features.

Visual Studio

Created by Microsoft and developed by Microsoft for Windows Linux and OS, VS Code is an extensible code editor that should not get confused with Visual Studio. VS Code is small but fully functional, and the program is freely available with an MIT license. This is what differentiates Visual Studio and VS Code. The first version of VS Code was published on April 29th, 2015. VS Code is comparable to Atom in terms of features. VS Code is built on Electron exactly like Atom, so both programs share the same benefits and drawbacks.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is an incredibly adaptable code editor used by many designers. Beautiful Text is an excellent tool for implementing various types of Python and lets you create your version for each project.

Radiant is nearly unbeatable in speed, with all except for the most significant records being able to be played rapidly. Another reason Radiant has earned its praise is its dazzling modification via custom module bundles.

The modules allow you to alter nearly everything about the code manager, from its appearance to error finding the code to code consummation and additional language support, and this is just the beginning. More modules are added each day, meaning Sublime may be the most up-to-date tool available.

Vim (CE)

Vim is an open-source text editor that can modify and create any Text. It can be highly customizable. According to the programmers, VIM is a very robust text editor, and the quality of its performance is growing with each version. The Vim text editor is utilized as a command-line interface or standalone program.

Eric Python

Eric is mighty and packed with the Python editor’s features that are built within Python itself. Eric is suitable for everyday activities as well as for professionals who develop. Eric is built using the cross-platform QT toolkit integrated with a programmable Scintilla editor, and Eric is a plugin system that provides a straightforward extension of the IDE features.


Thonny is a completely free Python IDE planned as the most suitable environment for beginners. The interface is simple and includes autocompletion, research auto-designing, and a built-in auto-design feature.

IT is also packed with unique features for beginners, like the variable worth tracker displayed near the editor’s primary manager. The options are all set using menus, not config files, for novice engineers to concentrate on their programming. Even creating modules is simplified for novices using an easy package manager.


Spyder is an IDE that’s specifically designed for data scientists as well as ML engineers. It’s part of the Anaconda distribution, including other well-known Python libraries like Scikit-learn Numpy, Matplotlib, Scipy, and Pandas.

It comes with great features such as autocompletion and a robust debugger iPython shell, and a few visualization tools for data. Spyder is specially designed for data science and integrates seamlessly with the leading devices.


PyDev is an open-source IDE plugin for Eclipse’s popular Java IDE for open-source development. PyDev includes all the features of Eclipse’s built-in control and supports Python autocompletion, an interactive console, and debugging.

It also integrates with Django and a variety of tools that are suitable for web development. It is among the few IDEs with support for Jython along with Cython.


  • PyCharm is a well-known Python IDE created by JetBrains
  • This IDE is ideal for professional developers and allows the creation of enormous Python projects.
  • Price: Freemium

The most prominent aspects of PyCharm comprise:

  • The support for JavaScript, CSS, and TypeScript
  • Smart code navigation
  • Refactoring code quickly and safely
  • Features that support databases, such as accessing databases straight from the IDE

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