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Say “Hello” to Hello World!

Where have you been up to at your Learning path?

Python - Hello World

What are you learning? Or you’re still looking to learn something?

Or you’ve just mixed up with all things because of getting so many things to learn?

Have you started to learn something yet? Or not?

Or finally, you have come to the point where you have two things to get started but are still too confused to select one of them and get started with.

Are your two things being one of them is Programming?

Is it? Or not?

Why don’t you take a step ahead in programming? Or try to get in the programming world?

Take Your Step Towards Coding and get in the programming world where you will have solutions to your every next problem, in just a look of a programming world.

Let’s see the world with another look! And roar!

“Hello World”

“All The Very Best not only for getting started with your learning but also for playing around with problems and to come up with solutions forever.”

Let’s start!

Explore! Learn! Level up!

Since you have been stepped into the programming world, we start with our first and most loved program, say “Hello World” in Python!

So, are you excited to write your first Python program? Or about to be excited for “Hello World,” the first Python program in a single line of coding?

Example: Write the first Python program called “Hello World.”

Search IDLE in your computer, type the following code, and press Enter.

					print('Hello World')

Really??? Is that was just??…. Just a single line of code?

Yes! Just a single line of code, and you have entered the programming world!

Congratulations!!! To write your first-ever Python program and introduce yourself to the programming world!

But what is IDLE? What are print and all things?

Don’t worry! Be cool! In upcoming lessons, we’re going to explore everything!

So, what are you looking for next?

Aren’t you excited about writing your next program in Python? Are you?

Let’s take a step towards coding and Explore! Learn! Level up! In the programming world.

Want to take a quiz?

Here’s it: Hello World Quiz

Wrapping up!

Today, how beautifully you have learned to write your first Python program called “Hello World” in just a single line of code.

And as well as took the initiative to be a programmer and play with codes like you’re playing a game.

Happy Coding 🙂 

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