10 Software Development Trends That Will Shape 2022


In This Article You Will Know About software development will rule in 2022.

Before moving ahead, let’s know a bit about Programming Languages For Developers In 2022.

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Automatic code-review process 

Automated software for code reviews are famous in their own right. By 2022, larger companies will begin using them as part of their code review processes, enabling developers to create new features instead of code reviews.

Rigid software quality standards 

The increasing demand for software to meet high-quality standards (like those suggested in the ISO) ISO is expected to be resolved by 2022. As software solutions are a part of our everyday lives and many of our devices, companies will begin to see the benefits of ISO certification, including better quality, faster processes, and a better reputation.

Code guidelines 

The existence of a standard will assist current developers, but it’s also helpful to onboarding new developers. In 2022, we’ll expect more companies to adopt styles and conventions for language into theirs.

Stability on Cybersecurity 

Companies will regularly review and update their systems and technology to ensure cybersecurity.

The rise of Kubernetes 

Companies in the tech industry are increasingly embracing Kubernetes, and it’s being considered the best option to streamline software delivery.

An Adoption of Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

The IaC benefits include faster cloud-native adoption, better traceability, implementation of the same configurations, and greater efficiency. This all happens throughout developing software, and we expect we will see IaC adoption rise this year.

Adoption of cloud-native technologies

Cloud-native lets us create a container-based platform, which allows services to be deployed as microservices that run inside containers. Containers can increase efficiency and speed and allow companies to respond to market trends quickly.

Rethinking the ethics of AI

While AI is expanding and has a lot of advantages, it is not without risks and challenges in terms of data security, confidentiality, and ethical use of data. Tech companies will continue to create ethical principles, guidelines, and regulations to ensure ethical behavior in developers’ AIs.

Python will continue to top the charts 

If you are looking to begin your career in programming, Python is now the most straightforward and well-known option. Python is a programming language that will remain in the top spot over Java, JavaScript, and C as the most popular programming language. Python beat Java, JavaScript as the most popular programming language for the first time in 20 years, in October 2021.

The growth and rise of No-code or Low-code

Low-code and no-code technologies have been widely praised as the next digital revolution. In 2025, 70% of all new apps developed by businesses will utilize low-code or no-code technologies, up from less than 25 percent in 2020.

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