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As technology is upgrading day by day every individual as a developer or programmer diving for deep learning of upcoming technology. It can be seen clearly that in upcoming days programmers or software engineers are going to be in huge demand as giant companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, etc., have been looking for them since programming language is created. This results that IT companies are thriving for people who have programming skills. With more than 100+ programming languages in the world playing a crucial role in the IT industry that is making a path towards coding for the upcoming generation.

Here we have discussed the few top programming languages that are increasing demand in the IT industry and changing technology every day. So you should have taken a look at these languages and know that how these languages have become important to learn to keep yourself ahead in the programming world.

1. Python


It is one of the most useful programming languages across the U.S. A study found that it is a beginner language among those who have not any prior knowledge of coding or had not done work yet on the programming language. Unlike other languages, Python is not hard to understand as the developer suggests that it is easy to learn and implement, therefore anyone can get started with Python.  The most interesting thing in Python is, you can implement any AI features while working on it. Moreover, it also allows you to get through the framework that is available in it.

Python syntax concept is one of the easiest topics in Python that makes it easy to learn and implement on file. The whole language Python is readable in English and looks like reading an English book. Through Python, a small application with a little bit time-consuming can be created easily. However, big applications can also be created with additional levels of knowledge.

Python provides various most usable packages such as NumPy, SciPy, etc. that can be used to work with big projects.         

2. Go


It is one of the most useable programming languages in the Software industry. Go was developed and launched by Google that is also known as Golang. Unlike another programming language, Go is an open-source programming language that makes it easy for developers to build up simple, reliable, and efficient software.

Like Python, Go has also a large standards library and extensive documentation. It works on a distributed system, that is connected with different networks, and to get connected must have to send messages to each other.

As demand is jumping over day by day for searching of programming language, Go language has become primarily language, where the application needs to consume a huge amount of data to run. Some giant companies such as Netflix, Uber, and Twitch are big consumers to use the Go language for processing the application. 

3. Java


Java is one of the most famous programming languages in a Software company. It is one of the oldest languages that are widely used across the world and playing an important role in the tech industry. Java language is very useful and can be used to create a desktop application, web application, and also the android application is possible with Java. This all-leads Java towards is one of the most trending languages.

What else Java has is its framework that lets developers make work easy and go with the flow. 

Tech giant companies such as Google, Twitter, Amazon, and YouTube, etc., are some of the big users of the Java language. It is assumed that the Java language is designed to be worked with itself, meaning an application that is created with the help of Java can run only on the platform that has accessed of supporting Java.

Therefore, as a result, it is also known or described as ‘WORA’, writes once, runs anywhere programming language.        

4. C++


C++ – It is the root language of C. In other words, C++ is the enhanced version of the C language. C programming language that has a built-in role in so many languages such as Python, Java, C++, etc. to make ready of the base platform of languages.

It powerful and efficient language that has a collection of huge data types and operators that gives access to developers to perform all kinds of operations. It is a portable language means, flexible to work on with just a few lines of code changes well as it allows us to extend itself like it has a collection of its own function that makes it easy to add our own function to the C function library and makes the code simple to perform.

C is the middle-level programming language that supports both high-level and low-level programming. It supports the software application as high-level and krenels and drivers as low-level.    

Like in Python, Debug mode is there to break code into a few lines of code, a feature of structure-based is available in C language that breaks complex lines of code into smaller lines of code that allows every individual to understand code line by line and make it clear to work on it or further add additional codes.             

5. Swift


Swift is an open-source programming language and is available for all platforms of Apple-like iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. One of the famous and exciting features of Swift is available across all platforms and devices.

Like other programming languages, Swift is also one of the well-designed languages. Swift is built by Apple Inc. in July 2010. What feature of Swift makes it as same as Python is that it’s simply written in the English language that is easily writable and readable and makes code easy to read and understand and gives developers full control that is needed in a programming language.

However, Swift language is easy to work on but by adding new features in it, it makes Swift high language. As the developer found it is one of the highly recommended languages to learn that does not contain long lines of codding. Swift is designed by Apple Inc. which is built to create all types of iOS apps.  In nutshell,  Swift is fast to use and Swift itself allows the addition of C and C++ code in Swift applications.  

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