11 Unproductive Habits You Want to Quit

The reason I study productivity is because I’m an unproductive person.

I sleep too much. I talk too much. I read too much. I listen to music all day. I watch movies. I buy gadgets that turn me into a zombie.

I don’t know. I just know this: You can’t be productive 24/7. And a big part of being productive is about getting rid of unproductive habits we all have.


Some days I can work 12 or 13 hours straight. And I can keep that up for a few days. But after a few days, there always comes a crash. Big time. I struggle. I can’t get stuff done.



What if I go broke? What if I lose my job? What if she doesn’t love me?  What if I get cancer? What if this plane crashes? What if I lose my  sight? What if I…?



We deal with people all the time. Do you ever think: “Why should I listen to this guy?” Or: “What does she know?” I don’t know. Maybe more than you do?


Ignore Health

The way you feel determines the quality of your work. If you’re always tired and feel bad, how do you expect to do great work?


Checking Things

What are you doing? We often say something like “I was just checking  Instagram,” or something like that. But “checking” is not a useful  activity.


Not Having Goals

Every time successful people say, “I don’t have goals,” I know they are  full of shit. Who can be successful at anything without aiming for it.


Saying Yes

Most people are afraid to say no. Maybe you don’t want to let people  down. Maybe you are uncomfortable with the word no. I don’t know.  Doesn’t matter, really.


Believe in Memory

Not writing down your thoughts, ideas, tasks, etc, is insane. Why?  Because you’re wasting a lot of brain power when you rely on your  memory.


Ignore Education

“Woohoo! I finished college. Goodbye lame old books!” Who learns one  thing and stops forever? I don’t even know why we have that idea planted  in our brain.



We all know, and yet, we all do it. Complaining is one of those habits we always try to quit. But it never lasts. I’m no different.


Lack Of Focus

Many successful people say that the ability to focus is the number one reason they’ve made it big. And it’s no surprise. The people who are all over the place never seem to get anywhere.