Tips to Increase LinkedIn Page Followers!

Source: LinkedIn Blog

If you’re wondering how to increase your followers on LinkedIn, you’re not alone.

Be findable – Draw traffic from outside LinkedIn.

Tip #1

Be sticky – Stay on-brand

Tip #2

Be consistent – Post content to your Page regularly

Tip #3

Be flashy – Make use of video and visual content

Tip #4

Be relevant – Publish thought leadership content from within your organization

Tip #5

Be engaging – Respond to post comments

Tip #6

Be responsive – Adjust your content based on Page analytics

Tip #7

Encourage employee involvement

Tip #8

Enlist help from customers and brand advocates

Tip #9

Engage with relevant thought leaders in your Page updates

Tip #10

Coordinate with influencers

Tip #11

Launch a Follower Ad campaign

Tip #12

Encourage executives and prominent leaders to @mention your Page

Tip #13

Create and maintain Showcase Pages

Tip #14

Analyze your competitors’ Pages

Tip #15