Most suspenseful

Netflix series

Dec 18th, 2023

Source: Ranker

money heist

A group of eccentric robbers led by the enigmatic Professor. The heist gang captivated audiences with their complex relationships and near-impossible capers.


Ozark, delves deep into the murky world of money laundering. As the characters navigate an ever-tightening web of deception and danger, viewers are left gripping the edge of their seats.


Bodyguard sets pulses racing as Richard Madden's character, Sergeant David Budd, confronts terrorist threats with nail-biting intensity. This political thriller showcases marvelous performances, leaving a impact on the entire genre.

the night agent

The Night Agent grips the audience with its web of conspiracy, showcasing the thrilling and high-stakes world of political intrigue. With unpredictable twists and enthralling character dynamics.

haunting hill

The Haunting of Hill House combines spine-tingling chills with raw emotional drama, telling the harrowing story of the tragic Crain family. Every haunting performance, leaves viewers entranced in a beautiful yet terrifying world.


Dark, a German sci-fi thriller, demonstrates masterful storytelling with its labyrinthine tale of time-travel and dark family secrets. This chilling series will leave you questioning the very fabric of existence.


You, with its disturbing portrait of obsession, draws audiences into Joe's sinister endeavors as he manipulates his way into his targets’ lives. Penn Badgley’s captivating performance allows us to glimpse into the mind of a dangerous stalker.


Mindhunter delves into the twisted realm of serial killers, causing a frenzy of fear and fascination amongst audiences. The series explores the shadowy depths of the criminal mind in a gut-wrenching psychological thriller.


Memories of the Alhambra captivates the audience with an innovative storyline involving an AR game that blurs the line between reality and fantasy. This Korean sensation transports viewers into a remarkable world of mystery.


Unbelievable is a hard-hitting and compelling drama, inspired by true events, that sheds light on the devastating echelon of sexual assault. This groundbreaking series demands attention and empathy from its viewers.

sacred games

Sacred Games pulls no punches with its riveting tale of crime and corruption in the heart of Mumbai. The series draws the audience into a world where the lines between right and wrong are perpetually blurred.

black mirror

Black Mirror provides a chilling commentary on the role of technology in our lives, with a series of disturbingly prescient stories. Each self-contained episode leaves a lingering sense of unease.