Are you a happy person? Practice these 5 habits to be one!

Image credit: Unsplash

Happiness--  A state of mind

Imbibing some small habits in our day-to-day lives can make us happier and more cheerful people with a positive outlook towards life. These tiny things stuck together can turn up to be the actual key to happiness.

Surround yourself with warm people​

Always surround yourself with positive people. Our company always matters as it helps us to build strong self-worth and confidence. Having a positive and supportive environment also helps us be grateful and kind to them.

Exercise everyday​

Getting regular exercise always makes you feel better, and also helps you live longer. Exercise also makes you feel less stressed and is a good reason to improve your health.


Meditation helps in improving our brain function which in turn makes us stay peaceful and calm even under stressful situations. Even focusing on your breathing for a few minutes can reduce stress and improve your mood.

Practice gratitude

Expressing your gratitude will make one person happier, as gratitude is one of the few emotions that keeps our mind under control and also increases the emotions of being loved and happy.

Practice fun activities​

Do what makes you feel happy and invest your time and efforts in what you love. Make your tasks more enjoyable in every possible way and try having a positive outlook towards life.