Tesla new Humanoid Robot

Dec 14, 2023

Elon Musk's Tesla has unveiled Optimus-Gen 2, the second generation of its Optimus humanoid robot.

There's a new bot in town. A video of the machine walking around in a Tesla factory.

All you need to know about Optimus-Gen 2

According to Tesla, Optimus-Gen 2 can walk at a pace that is 30% faster than that of the prototype, and is 10 kg lighter than the prototype.

The machine has faster, brand-new hands with 11-DoF (degree of freedom); the hands, in turn, have tactile sensing on fingers, allowing the humanoid to hold delicate objects, such as eggs, without breaking them.

The robot also has improved balance, as well as full-body control, and, therefore, can even do squats.

Other features are: in-house actuators and sensors, an actuated neck with 2-DoF, actuators-integrated electronics and harnessing, foot force torque sensing, articulated toe sections, human foot geometry, etc.

Optimus-Gen 2 is Tesla's third humanoid robot, the first two being Bumblebee (September 2022) and Optimus-Gen 1 (March 2023).