7 Best Fixes for Can’t Send GIFs in Google Messages App

The Google Messages app introduced RCS messaging features. It lets you send photos, videos, voice messages, and GIFs to your contacts. You can select a GIF from the Messages app itself or download and send it from your Android.

The very first solution is to check the GIF file format. This is especially applicable when you download a GIF from a website or an app on your Android phone. It is possible that the GIF file has corrupted and can’t be shared in the Google Messages app.

| 1 | Check the GIF File Format

If the Google Messages app is still not sending GIFs, you can try sending them as text messages. The Messages app allows you to automatically resend messages in your RCS chats as text messages if they fail to reach your contacts. Here’s how to enable this feature.

| 2 | Enable Automatic Resending as Text Message


Open the Google Messages app on your Android phone.


Tap the profile icon at the top-right corner and select Messages Settings.


Select RCS Chats.


Next, tap the toggle next to ‘Automatically Resend as Text (SMS/MMS).’

Return to your chats and check if the problem is solved.