December Pixel Feature Drop Adds Big AI Features, Much More

This feature uses Google’s Recorder app to summarize recorded conversations you have and doesn’t require a network connection to do so, because again, this is happening on-device with Gemini Nano.

[1] Summarize in Recorder

we have a feature through Gboard that is in a developer preview with WhatsApp. As the name sort of suggests, AI is going to offer you “high-quality” responses using conversational awareness that’ll pop-up in the autofill bar of Gboard.

[2] Smart Reply in Gboard

When you record shaky videos, you can now have those processed with computational photography models in the cloud to adjust the color, lighting, etc., before arriving back on your device for sharing.

[3] Video Boost with  Night Sight

To use, you’ll set your Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro up with a tripod (or other stabilizing tool) when it’s dark and record the darkness. You should get really neat 10-second clips depending on how long you record for.

[4] Night Sight in  Time Lapse

The 6 of you who own a Pixel Fold are getting a new feature called Dual Screen Preview that should make it easier to take pics of people.

[5] Pixel Fold Dual  Screen Preview

Google is adding a Repair Mode that keeps your personal data “protected and preserved” when you need to get it repaired for whatever reason. To find this, just search for “repair mode” in your settings.

[6] Repair Mode

Your Google Password Manager can now identify the accounts of yours that support passkeys and help you add them.

[7] Passkeys in  Password Manager

In Call Screen, your Pixel device can now suggest contextual replies that hopefully better fit the situation for your call, plus you’ll find it on Pixel Watch too, letting you respond to calls without ever touching your phone.

[8] Call Screen replies

you can now use your Pixel Watch to unlock your phone when nearby, which is great because the fingerprint readers on Pixel phones still suck and face unlock isn’t great when the lights are low.

[9] Pixel Watch  phone unlock

Finally, the World Clock tab in the clock app now shows weather. This isn’t actually new.

[10] Clock and Weather

That is a lot of new stuff to try and take in. All of this newness is rolling out on its own time, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see it all right away. Google takes its sweet time pushing these things out after announcing them.