How to enable hidden trackpad on the Google keyboard?

Cursor on Gboard makes it easy to make last minute edits to your text messages.

Gboard, Google’s official keyboard app for Android and iOS, is one of the best free smartphone keyboard apps available that make typing on a smartphone much more intuitive.

How to enable the Gboard cursor on Android and iOS devices?

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Step - 3

The cursor functionality is available on both the Android and iOS versions of Gboard.

To activate it, open the Gboard app by accessing any text box and long-press the comma button located to the left of the space bar. This action will open the Gboard settings menu.

This action will open the Gboard settings menu. Within the settings menu, navigate to ‘Glide typing’ and enable ‘Gesture cursor control.’

This action transforms your spacebar into a cursor, allowing swift movement between words.

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