How to Stop Auto Download in WhatsApp on iPhone?

[ 1 ]

Launch the WhatsApp app on your iPhone and tap the Settings tab.

[ 2 ]

On the Settings page, tap Storage and Data.

[ 3 ]

Tap Photos under the Media Auto Download section.

[ 4 ]

Now, choose Never or Wi-Fi, depending on your preference for auto-downloading photos on your iPhone. Once done with the Photos settings, tap the back arrow to go back.

[ 5 ]

Now, tap Audio.

[ 6 ]

Tap and select Never or Wi-Fi for audio, too. Once done, tap the back arrows to go back to WhatsApp. And that’s it.

If needed, repeat the same steps for Video and Documents from the same page.

Once done, WhatsApp will stop automatically downloading for all chats, groups, and channels.