Why is Kanum Pongal celebrated?


By codingstreets  Jan 15, 2024

Celebrated as the culmination of the Pongal festival, Pongal is a festival that emphasizes unity. Apart from strengthening relationships, this day is also celebrated as a festival where everyone in the family comes together to exchange joy and love.

Kannu Pongal is celebrated on the fourth day as the culmination of the Pongal festival. On this day, many people go to the riverside or the beach as a family, taking various types of food, snacks, etc. It is said that visiting water levels is seeing Pongal and seeing relationships is Pongal.

Kannu Pongal is also known as Kanni Pongal. In many places this festival is celebrated in the villages as Kanni Pongal. All the virgin girls in the town gather at one place and dance and enjoy on this day.

Men or women who are of marriageable age at home will have Pongal at home and worship the family deity on this day to get married soon.

Thus the festival of Pongal is made to learn about our culture and get the blessings of the elders. That is, Pongal is a festival of seeing, rejoicing and blessing, hence the name Kannu Pongal.

You can pray for the obstacles to be removed. After worshiping Pongal, one should fall at the feet of elders in the house and seek blessings. May they wish you happiness and prosperity throughout the year.