Navigating Family and Loneliness

The author reflects on feeling excluded during a family vacation, highlighting a deeper sense of loneliness.

Despite a successful life in New York, the author questions the cost of leaving her family in Puerto Rico.

The family's life continued with shared experiences, while the author's absence created a gap.

The author's decision to move was influenced by love and career opportunities, amidst Puerto Rico's economic struggles.

Infrequent visits to home can't compensate for the prolonged separation from family.

The author's outburst at the resort reveals her internal struggle with feeling like an outsider in her own family.

Athena Dixon's essays in 'The Loneliness Files' resonate with the author's feelings of change and disconnection.

The author grapples with the changes in her hometown and the disconnect from her family's experiences.

Feelings of shame and guilt accompany the author's sense of being an outsider, despite her family's efforts to connect.

The author contemplates the memories missed and the possibility of returning home to bridge the emotional gap.