3 Important Life Skills Nobody Ever Taught You!

Image credits: Unsplash

So yeah, pretend all that stuff is happening. And then imagine this is more or less what I would say.

How to Stop Taking Things Personally

An unfortunate side effect of our consciousness residing in our brains is that everything we experience in our lives involves us somehow. As a result, we tend to have an inherent bias towards assuming that pretty much everything that happens to us is actually about us.


How to Be Persuaded and Change Your Mind

For most of us, most of the time, our beliefs are not simply ideas that we hold to be true, but they make up key components of our identity. So we’d rather put our fingers in our ears, scream “La la la la la la,”  over and over and hope that that unfortunate evidence that we’re wrong  will magically go away.


How to Act Without Knowing the Result

Throughout most of our lives, almost everything has a clear result attached to it. But most of life — that is, real life — doesn’t work this way. When you decide to change careers, there’s no one there telling you which career is right for you.