Sam Altman re-join as CEO of OpenAI: What is next? 

Sam Altman has returned as CEO of OpenAI after being fired and rehired, with Greg Brockman returning as president and Mira Murati returning to her role as CTO.

OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman has officially returned as CEO of the AI startup after a tumultuous last week or so, which saw the 38-year-old fired and then announced he was being rehired.

Greg Brockman is returning to his position as president of OpenAI, while Mira Murati, who was briefly will now return to her role as the company's CTO.

Sam Altamn told, “I have never been more excited about the future. I am extremely grateful for everyone’s hard work in an unclear and unprecedented situation.

Altman also thanked OpenAI co-founder and former board member Ilya Sutskever, who was instrumental in hiring him as OpenAI's CEO but later changed his mind.

Altman said he had " zero ill will" towards Sutskever, calling him a "guiding light" and a "gem of a human being".

The 38-year-old noted that while Sutskever will no longer be a member of the new board, discussions are underway about how he can continue his work at OpenAI.

Microsoft has been OpenAI's biggest backer, investing more than $10 billion in the company, but has had little control over its affairs due to the AI startup's unusual governance structure.

However, Altman announced on Thursday that Microsoft will now finally have a seat on OpenAI's new board, albeit as a non-voting observer.

Altman said, “We clearly made the right choice to partner with Microsoft and I’m excited that our new board will include them as a non-voting observer. Thank you."

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