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Shattila Ekadashi 2024: Six Tila duties to be performed

By codingstreets             Feb 06, 2024

Bahala Ekadashi in Pushyamasa is known as Shattila Ekadashi. Generally Ekadashi is said to be very auspicious for Lord Vishnu. Today has some special features. Elders say that if you follow some remedies especially with sesame seeds, it will bring you great luck.

| 1 |

Tilasnanam - Sesame oil bath should be applied and bathed with sesame seeds. Take a bath so that the sesame seeds fall down from the scalp.

| 2 |

Tila Lepanam – After bathing, massage sesame seeds and apply the substance on the body.

| 3 |

Tila Homa- Those who are able to do it should perform Tila Homa.

| 4 |

Tilodakas – Tilodakas should be offered to the paternal deities. It means that the sesame leaves the water. Sesame seeds are written on the thumb and dropped in a plate with water according to a method.

| 5 |

Tiladanam - Sesame seeds and sesame oil should be donated to a Brahmin.

| 6 |

Tilannabhojanam – eating food cooked with sesame seeds. That is, if sesame seeds are planted at the time of ripening of rice, it becomes fodder).