Tesla ready to invest up to $2 billion to build India factory

Tesla is ready to invest up to $2 billion to set up a factory in India if the government cuts import duty on its vehicles to 15% for the first two years of operations.

In August that India is working on a new EV policy to slash import taxes to as low as 15% - compared to the current 100% on cars priced above $40,000 and 70% for the rest - in exchange for a commitment to some local manufacturing.

The Elon Musk-led electric vehicle (EV) maker is willing to invest up to $500 million if the government approves the reduced duty for 12,000 vehicles and up to $2 billion if the concession is for 30,000 vehicles.

The government is examining the viability of Tesla's proposal to invest $2 billion but wants to reduce the number of cars imported on a lower duty, compared to Tesla's proposal.