New Year's Resolution

Set your New Year’s resolutions at the right time.

“When we plan for the future, there is often what we refer to as the ‘empathy gap.’ We don’t quite envision what it would feel like to be hungry when we’re full or sweaty when we’re not sweating.

Make an explicit plan for achieving your goal.

This includes thinking through ways to eliminate potential  obstacles. If your resolution is to exercise more, make a plan now for  which days you will exercise.

Choose a goal you’ll enjoy.

You’re more likely to succeed if you pick something you like to do  or if you can find a way to make it more fun. Research shows that  people have more success achieving goals if they use a method known as “temptation bundling.

Subtract things from your life, such as an activity you’re no longer committed to, so you have room for new goals.

Forgive failures.

Don’t define success as pass or fail. Celebrate small successes  even if you don’t achieve 100-percent success. “If you’re setting tough  goals, there will always be failure.