Top 10 Google Hidden Features Behind the Scenes

Google Gravity: Exceeding Anticipations

Have you ever clicked “I’m Feeling Lucky” after looking for “Google Gravity”? Watch how the whole Google page breaks under the force of gravity, giving your typical search experience a fun twist.

Barrel Roll: A Google Acrobatic Moment

Search for “Do a barrel roll” in the search field, and be ready for an amazing visual display. Google really spins around, rolling up a simulated barrel directly on your screen.

Zerg Rush: The Start of the Invasion

Put Google to the test by searching for “Zerg Rush,” and protect your search results from a barrage of Os that will eat everything that gets in their way. Is it possible to repel the attack and save your search page?

Google Sky: Investigate the Universe

Use Google Sky to change your viewpoint from Earth to space. Type “Google Sky” into the search box to find planets, constellations, and galaxies. This is your very own telescope, provided by Google.

Stopwatch and Timer: Google’s Undiscovered Timer

Do you need a stopwatch or fast timer? Google can take care of you. You just need simply put “timer” or “stopwatch” into the search box to bring up an easy-to-use application that can help you efficiently manage your time.

Google Arts & Culture

Browse Google Arts & Culture to discover your inner art expert. Using hundreds of ancient artworks, Google can identify your artistic twin if you upload a selfie. It’s an enjoyable way to engage with art from many eras.

Google Fonts

Use Google Fonts to add some flair to your presentations and papers. Get access to a huge collection of eye-catching, free fonts that may improve the tone of your writing and draw attention to your material.

Google Trends: Be Up to Date

Use Google Trends to stay current on the hottest subjects and trends. Discover what people are looking for in real time and learn about the most popular topics being discussed in different areas and sectors.

Google in the Year 1998: A Flashback

Try Googling “Google in 1998” to take a nostalgic journey back to the late 1990s. Discover Google’s modest origins via a throwback UI that serves as a reminder of how far the internet has gone.

Take to the Virtual Skies with Google Earth

Use the Flight Simulator on Google Earth to unleash your inner pilot. You may go off and explore the globe from the comfort of your computer by hitting Ctrl + Alt + A (or Command + Option + A on Mac).