Know 5 Tips to Lose Weight?

By codingstreets

Jan 14, 2024

There are many simple activities which can also help you remain fit and healthy even if you are not going for an intense workout routine.  Several studies have established that walking is quite useful to burn fat.

Increase your pace

Increasing the pace of your walking can make a great difference to your workout. You can burn more calories while walking briskly than while walking leisurely.

Uphill walking

Whether you are walking on a treadmill or on a flat surface, walking uphill regularly will help you burn extra fat. Uphill walking requires more effort, which leads to losing extra calories.

Power walks

Power walks is a high-intensity walks that you can follow regularly. Start with a warm-up walk for about 5-10 minutes. Then, increase the pace of your walk (remember, do not run) for 15-20 seconds and then return to your normal pace. 

Frequent short walks

Taking a long walk feels really good. But, if the goal is to weigh lighter on the weighing scale, incorporate frequent short walks. You can take a walk after each meal. You can even divide your hour-long walk into three or four short walks throughout the day.

Increase the step-count

According to experts, walking 10,000 steps every day is ideal for weight loss. If you can increase the step count beyond this, it can help lose more calories and weight.