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If you are facing problems accessing or navigating through the content or pages on this website, following a summary of what each section of the Website contains will help you have a better experience in browsing.

Home: Direct access to every section of this website, including Blog, Level Scale, About Us, Contact Us, and other important sections.

About codingstreets – codingstreets is a computer programming language website. It is featured in details under the expert’s view to provide information on contact details, various sections of different categories, and more.

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Search: Search the content of this website by typing the right keywords in the search section.

Accessibility Statement: At this moment, the Website is accessible to all users, irrespective of the device in use, with ongoing technology. It is built in view to provide maximum accessibility and usability to its visitors.

What’s New: It contains the latest information & news.

Website Policy: It includes all website rules and Regulations of the website such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer.

Site Map: Sitemap is a manual guide through website sections and their different parts.

Feedback: Any query or other problem regarding the Website’s service can be submitted to the Feedback section.

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