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Ten Reasons Why Python Is Not A Good Programming Language

Python indeed is one of the frequently used programming languages around the world. Python has indeed assisted businesses in achieving their goals and targets. But, on the other aspect, there are several areas where the language isn’t up to par and, therefore, isn’t the most efficient programming language. In this article, we’ll go over ten reasons Python is not the ideal programming language.

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The indentation problem

An important point to be aware of is that indentation isn’t an option in Python. This is a problem when you use conditions. In addition, an indentation can make it challenging to determine the function’s endpoint.

Multiple versions

Python comes in two versions: Python 2 and Python 3. In most instances, they are installed together in Linux. Because of this, many Linux distributions are required to provide two versions of Python since many packages require time to upgrade to Python 3.

Runtime errors

It is well-known to many that the Python script isn’t built first before being executed. It compiles each time it is executed, which means that any error in the code is detected at the time of execution. This leads to low performance, high energy consumption, and the necessity for many tests.


In Python, whitespaces can frequently signify various types of codes. However, semicolons and braces are more attractive, visually user-friendly, maintenance-friendly, and simple to grasp.

Mobile development

The change from desktops to smartphones demands vital languages for mobile-friendly software. An important point to note is that few smartphone applications are developed using Python. This is why Python isn’t considered the ideal software to use in mobile app development.


There is a concern regarding the use of lambdas inside Python since the usage of lambdas is quite restricting. In Python, Lambdas can only be expressions, not statements. However, variables, declarations of variables as well as statements always are declarations, which in turn means that Lambdas cannot be used to represent their functions.


Python is the capacity to perform only one thing at a given time. This is because this programming language ensures that each variable has only one type. Furthermore, if there are concurrent processes, they can make things more complicated. This leads to slow speed.


It is not necessary to define data types for programs not written in Python. This implies that a large amount of memory must be utilized because the program has to reserve space for every variable it works with. In simple terms, a large amount of memory is used up.


Python is connected to dynamic scoping. This presents the issue. Every word has to be tested in every scenario. It is undoubtedly an exhausting job.

The problem with static scoping

Considering the challenges that dynamic scoping can cause, Python attempted to change toward static scoping. However, this didn’t appear to be working. It was discovered that the inner scopes can only see outside scopes but cannot alter them, which caused massive confusion.


It’s not that Python isn’t a great alternative or choice to begin your career in programming, But haven’t you heard that there are two sides to one coin? Similar to other programming languages, Python also has its negatives that force you the last time not to opt for Python! However, it has been observed over the years that the simplicity of syntax and easy-to-understand rules have led everybody to pick Python to begin their career. Additionally, Python is a proven language that has been at the top of the list in every programming language.

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