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Top Ten Most Common Programming Language

The article discusses the Most Common Programming Language that is highly sought-after and popular with newbies and developers because of its widespread use in programming circles.

Nearly every software engineer would like to secure a job with Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, and Google, among the most desirable employers for software developers. If you are wondering which programming language you need to master to gain a position at those Tech Giants, you need to master the program software that is simple to comprehend and utilize. Remember that knowing how logic works will be more crucial than making up the syntax.

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C# was developed by the technology major Microsoft. C# began its journey under the snare that it was a copycat of Java. C# is extensively used to create desktop applications, web applications, and web-based services. C# is a data structure that includes various data structures, including the most basic. The right data structure is essential to writing an efficient, well-structured program.

Advantages of using C#

Faster development time

C# has several features which allow programmers to write and develop faster than other languages. A few of these features include the ability to type statically and read with ease language and a syntax that is like an extended version of Java and a vast library of high-level features.

Scalability to the highest degree

The static character of the C# programming language turns all its programs into reliable software that is easily modified and altered. Engineers can make quick adjustments and add to the top of every C# program to expand its capabilities and accommodate more significant numbers of users.


C# has embraced object-oriented programming so that it could be the programming language that best makes use of it—being object-oriented lets C# be highly efficient and highly flexible, which makes development more straightforward and less costly.

The gentle curve of learning

A high-level language C# is a breeze to understand and learn without considering the numerous built-in features that are simple to utilize. Additionally, anyone familiar with C++ or Java will be at ease the first time they use C#, as these languages have several features and a general way of working.

Big community

C# is one of the most used languages around the globe, and there are plenty of C# developers ready to assist you in using C#. This isn’t all. Since it is an official Microsoft software, C# has the assistance of Microsoft, the tech giant. This means expert service in addition to additional resources and regular updates.


C++ is an imperative programming, object-oriented programming, and general programming language. It’s utilized by all organizations to solve problems using algorithms and data structures during the coding interview. The two primary characteristics that are a part of C++ are speed and effectiveness.

Advantages of C++


C++ provides this portability characteristic that allows developers to write code without concern for the hardware. This allows us to move the development of an application between platforms and the next.

If, for instance, you’re working using Windows OS and, for some reason, you need to switch to LINUX, The code you’ve written in Windows OS will also run within the LINUX OS with no issues.

Mid-level programming language

Since it is a mid-level programming language, we can consider it a low-level and high-level language. The high-level language features allow for the creation of games and desktop applications, while features of low-level languages assist in creating drivers and kernels.


The OOP concepts of polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation and abstraction provide C++ with the most significant advantage over other programming languages. It was important because it was not present in C, which allowed users to treat data as classes and objects.

Memory Management

C++ supports DMA (Dynamic Memory Allocation), allowing you to free the memory and allocate it. Since there isn’t any garbage disposal, C++ gives the programmer complete control over managing memory.

Fast and powerful

Since C++ is a program that is based on a compiler, we don’t need to install a runtime program to run the program. Therefore, they are pre-interpreted, which helps to make the code faster and more efficient.

The compilation and execution speed is faster, allowing it to develop various programs, from games to drivers and even complex GUIs.


Data structures in C can be utilized to organize data in a manner that is organized and efficient. C is used to create games, corporate programs, graphics, computations, and games in addition to other functions. There are no built-in functions or abstracted data types such as queues, lists, or queues. C is the base of several new languages, like Python or Ruby.

Advantages of C

C is a middle-level language that combines the capabilities of both low-level and high-level languages. It is a suitable language for low-level program functions, including kernels and drivers, as well as the tasks in a high-level programming language like scripting for software applications, etc.

C is an elaborative programming language that lets an extensive program be broken down into more specific functions, and it also permits the free movement of data between the functions.

Many aspects of C, such as direct access to machine-level APIs for hardware, availability of C compilers with deterministic resource utilization, and dynamic allocation of memory, make C the ideal language for drivers and scripting applications for embedded devices.

C language is case-sensitive, which means that uppercase and lowercase letters are treated differently. C is highly versatile and can be utilized for scripting systems that form the major component of Windows, UNIX, and Linux operating systems.


Go (also known as Golang) is an open-source language created by Google. Go is an all-paradigm programming system with built-in tools to build concurrent applications. Its speed, ease of use, and dependability make it the best choice for building robust applications.

Advantages of Golang

Faster execution

It can directly convert machine code and doesn’t need an interpreter. This translates into quicker development since it does not require intermediary processes. Golang always stays one or two steps ahead of Java regarding execution speed. Software based on Golang is high-speed, and the compilation process is also fast. Developers are more inclined to utilize Golang for the demands for more rapid development of back-ends.

Active developer community

It’s a primary language, yet extremely fast. This is why developers are more likely to use Golang than other languages. More than 1 million developers are skilled in using Golang, which is predicted to rise even higher in the coming years. A strong and active developer community means there will be assistance for any issue during development.

Comprehensive tool

Many newer programming languages do not have tools for development. However, this isn’t the situation with Golang. It comes with a vast set of third-party tools comparable to Java; however, Go has a range of comprehensive tools that allow developers to code quickly. Go comes with IDEs like Visual Studio Code, commonly employed for programming.


Scalability is often a crucial element when choosing the programming language for a project. Everyone wants to avoid being stuck in the event of a need to add more features to the application. Golang provides more scope for scaling and permits the execution of several functions to be run simultaneously. If you select Golang, you can use it for a longer time to come.

Easy to master

It’s not one of the programming languages that can take months to master. If you’re beginning, you will be able to get comfortable using the syntax in a short time. The structure of code in Golang is similar to that of C. Golang doesn’t overwhelm students with complicated code or variables. Programmers who have experience in other languages find it simpler to use. It is also simpler to deal with problems once you grasp the Golang language.

Java script

JavaScript is a multi-purpose programming language used to develop interactive web-based applications. JavaScript is a remarkably flexible language, and it can be used for server-side and client-side scripting by using AngularJS or NodeJS. Facebook, Google, and Microsoft depend heavily on JavaScript.

Advantages of Javascript


The speed of JavaScript is typically quick because it’s usually executed directly within the browser used by the client. Insofar as it doesn’t require external resource, JavaScript isn’t slowed down by calls to a server server. Additionally, all major browsers offer JIT (just at the time) compilation for JavaScript which means that it’s not necessary to compile your code prior to starting it.


The syntax of JavaScript is developed by Java’s syntax and is relatively simple to master when compared with other popular languages, such as C++.


The popularity of JavaScript is widely used on the internet, and thanks to the introduction of Node.js it is becoming more popular in the backend. There are many resources to master JavaScript. In both cases, StackOverflow and GitHub demonstrate an ever-growing number of projects using JavaScript and the momentum it’s been gaining in recent years is expected to continue to grow.


Unlike PHP and other languages for scripting, JavaScript is able to be integrated into any website. JavaScript can be utilized in various kinds of software because it is compatible with other languages, such as Pearl as well as PHP.

Server Load

JavaScript is client-side. Therefore, it can reduce the load on servers in general, and simpler applications might not require any servers in the first place.

Rich interfaces

Rich interfaces JavaScript allows you to build features such as drag and drop and other components like sliders, which all can greatly improve the user experience of a website.


Java is an extremely powerful OOP language and a general-purpose programming language. It creates mobile and desktop computers and large-scale data processing applications. Java API comes with built-in support of common Data Structures for writing programs such as an array linked list, map set, stack, and queue. Java has been, for many years, the most used programming language for Android application development.

Advantages of Java


Java is an easy programming language because it is easy to master and understand. This syntax has its roots in C++, and it uses automatic garbage collection; as such, we don’t have to eliminate non-referenced objects out of memory. Java has also eliminated options like explicit pointers overloading of operators and operator overloading, etc. This makes it easier to write and read.


Java utilizes an object-oriented framework that helps to make it easier. Everything within Java functions as an object which handles the data and behaviour, and Java employs object-oriented concepts such as objects.

    • Class
    • Inheritance,
    • Encapsulation, 
    • Polymorphism
    • And abstraction.


Java is a secure programming language because it doesn’t use Explicit pointers. Additionally, Java programs run inside the virtual machine Sandbox. JRE also has an option to load classes; it is utilized to import the class in JVM dynamically. It separates the class packages that are part of local files from those transferred via the network.


Java is a powerful programming language because it utilizes powerful memory management. Additionally, we can handle any exceptions using the Java code. Additionally, we can employ type checking to ensure that our code is secure. It doesn’t give explicit pointers so that the programmers cannot directly access memory within the code.

Platform independent

Java code runs on multiple platforms at once, I.e., we don’t have to compile it every time. It’s a single that runs everywhere language (WORA), which is transformed to byte code at the moment of compilation. Byte code is a program that is platform independent and can run across multiple platforms.


Kotlin is a powerful open-source programming language created by JetBrains; it’s an Amazon Partner Network Technology partner that supports Android and iOS smartphones. It’s easy to maintain because of its fault-proof structure and easy to comprehend and write code more efficiently.

Advantages of Kotlin

Kotlin’s simple coding

Kotlin is extremely clear and expressive, meaning just a tiny number of codes written in Kotlin can do the same job as you can code by any programming language. The concision of Kotlin can lead to easier maintenance, better comprehension of code, and simple modification.

A safer alternative

A simpler and less cluttered code equals fewer crashes, errors and failures. Also, the compactness of Kotlin enhances the safety of methods of programming.

Increases productivity

More innovative and less complicated programming and simple bug fix with minimal failures automatically increase productivity. Additionally, other features, the following ones included in Kotlin, improve the overall efficiency when using Kotlin:

* Object declarations

* Extension functions

* Parameter values

Easy to maintain

Kotlin is compatible with Android Studio, not have support for various IDEs. This means that developers can use the tested tools for coding, making the programmer’s job easy.


People utilize Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), a well-known old scripting language, and billions of applications and websites are developed using it. PHP includes an array data structure. PHP offers data structures using the Standard PHP Library (SPL) base extension.

Advantages of PHP

Open Source

PHP is free, which allows developers to install it quickly and easily accessible to use. There are numerous PHP frameworks, and developers can pick any of them to work with, and all features and tools will be readily available to the developer of that framework. Because it is open-source, it allows the system to be capable of running PHP quickly and accelerates the development of websites by simply providing the tools and features.

Platform Independent

PHP is used by all operating systems, including Windows, Unix, Linux and many more. The PHP-developed web applications can be run across any operating system. It can be integrated into any other programming language or database effortlessly, and there is no need for re-development. It saves lots of time and money.

Simple and easy

This benefit of PHP is its simplicity and ease of master and code. It’s organised chiefly code and straightforward, which also benefits novice developers. The command features of PHP are easy to learn and be understood. Anyone who has mastered any programming language can use PHP. It is easy to learn since the learning curve for PHP isn’t huge. The syntax is easy and adaptable to use.


PHP can connect with databases and can make the connection secure with databases. PHP has a built-in program allowing users to connect to the database quickly. There are a variety of web-based applications that require robust programming languages and a reliable managing system of databases. PHP and its database connection fulfil the need for developing web-based applications. It speeds up the process of connecting to the database management system. PHP may link many databases.


This is a benefit because PHP offers excellent online assistance and a community that aids new developers in writing code and creating web applications. The documentation on the official website assists in making use of the various capabilities offered by PHP as well as its framework. The latest releases are made regularly by PHP to help make it easier for developers to create web-based apps.


Python is a widely used language by data scientists and programmers because of its simplicity and ability to adapt. Python’s simplicity allows users to focus on writing algorithms, not the syntax required. The language’s constructs and object-oriented design are designed to assist programmers in writing simple, logical code for large and small projects.

Advantages of Python

Easy to Read, Learn and Write

Python is a highly high-level programming language similar to English syntax, making it simpler to comprehend and read the code.

Python is very easy to master and understand, so many people suggest Python to new people. There are fewer than a few lines of code for the same job compared to other languages such as C/C++ or Java.

Increased Productivity

Python is a highly efficient language. Because of the ease of Python, developers can concentrate on solving the issue. They don’t have to invest long hours figuring out the program language’s syntax or behaviour. The code you write is less, and you can accomplish more tasks.

Interpreted Language

Python can be described as an interpreted programming language. This means that Python executes code line-by-line. If there is a problem, the program stops execution and informs the user of the error.

Python has only one error, even if the program is causing several errors. This makes it easier to debug.

Dynamically typed

Python doesn’t know the kind of variable until it runs the program and assigns it a data type at the time of execution. Programmers don’t have to be concerned about declaring variables or the data type they represent.

Free and Open Source

Python is licensed under the OSI-licensed open-source licence, and this license makes it available for free use and distribution. The source code can be downloaded, altered, and even shared with your versions of Python. This is helpful for businesses who wish to change a particular behaviour and then use their version to develop.

Vast Libraries Support

The library with Python is massive; you will find nearly all the functions required to accomplish your task. Therefore, you don’t need to rely on other libraries.

Even if you do use a Python program manager (pip) simplifies the process of importing great programs from the Python packages index (PyPi). It is comprised of more than 200,000 packages.


Created in 2014 by Apple, Swift is a very efficient language used to build iOS apps and programs for iOS-based devices, such as WatchOS, MacOS, iPadOS, and TVOS. The algorithms and data structures can build more sophisticated and special-purpose structures.

Advantages of Swift

Fast Development Process

Swift is a simple language with a simple syntax that can be written and read quickly. Furthermore, it does not require semicolons; it also supports international languages and emojis. Developers must spend hours and energy monitoring memory consumption (There are leaks of memory which need to be addressed). This allows developers to develop iOS applications faster.

Safety The main focus

Swift is designed to be safe and helps you keep your app safe from crashing or doing something incorrectly.

Another security feature is that Swift objects are never null. If the object is invalid, the compiler will prevent the attempt to create or use a nil object due to compiler-time errors. This makes code writing more secure and less messy and prevents crashes during your applications’ runtime.

Open Source

Swift is an open technology developed that is managed by with the source code, bug tracker forums, and regular releases for development.

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