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Get Started: SQL Hosting

If you would like your website to store and retrieve information from databases, your web server must be connected to a database system that utilizes SQL.

SQL language

If your server runs through the Internet Service Provider (ISP) then you must search to find SQL hosting options.
The most popular SQL hosting databases include MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and MS Access.

MS SQL Server

The Microsoft SQL Server is a popular database application for websites that have a high amount of traffic.
SQL Server is a very robust, robust, and fully loaded SQL databases system.


Oracle can also be a renowned database software that is used for websites with a high amount of traffic.
Oracle is a robust, robust and fully feature SQL Database system.


MySQL is also well-known database software that is used by web sites.

MySQL is an extremely powerful, robust and fully loaded SQL Database system.

MySQL is a low-cost alternative to expensive Microsoft and Oracle solutions.

MS Access

If a site needs just a basic database, Microsoft Access can be the solution.

MS Access is not well suitable for extremely high traffic and is not as robust like MySQL, SQL Server, or Oracle.

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