Top 10 Python Projects Programmers Should Try

Python is the most popular programming language used by developers; what’s not to like when developers can navigate through the language effortlessly while creating the syntax for code that runs on thousands of web pages. Python is well-known for its simplicity and is enriched by readable classes that take on various tasks in just a … Read more

Python Packages: Top 10 Python Packages in 2022

Python is one of the popular programming languages today. Python never ceases to delight its users in solving problems and tasks in data science. Many data scientists are making use of the capabilities of Python programming day in and day out. Python is easy to learn and master, well-tested, widely-used open-source, object-oriented high-performance programming language, … Read more

Get Started: SQL Operators


In This Article, You Will Learn About SQL Operators.  SQL Operators – Before moving ahead, let’s know a bit about the SQL Comments. Table of Contents SQL Operators The SQL operators are defined as operators like Arithmetic, Comparison, , and Compound which are used to perform a specific action based on operators. SQL Arithmetic Operators … Read more

Get Started: SQL Comments


In This Article, You Will Know About SQL Comments.  SQL Comments – Before moving ahead, let’s know a bit about the SQL CASE Statement. Table of Contents SQL Comments In SQL Comments are used to represent the statement that will not be executed. It is like an explanation statement to define why an SQL query … Read more

Top 10 Open-Source Python Libraries In 2022

Python is an object-oriented, interpreted, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. It is extensively employed in machine learning and data science in web-based development and data science. Additionally, it’s used by cybersecurity and hackers to find holes in computer networks that can compromise security protocols. Python libraries result from a set of related modules, and … Read more

Learn Python As A Beginner with 10 GitHub Repositories


GitHub is a Git hosting and repository service. Git is a command-line tool; GitHub provides a Web-based visual interface. It also has access control and several collaboration tools. It’s a code-hosting platform that allows for version control and collaboration. It lets you and your colleagues collaborate on projects from anywhere. GitHub repository stores and tracks … Read more

Ten Most Important Datasets For Machine Learning Python Project


Machine learning Python projects are a focus for students and future professionals working in cutting-edge technologies. These machine-learning Python projects will enhance your hands-on experience in machine learning and Python’s popular programming language. Sometimes, they may need multiple datasets to create these projects. While these project databases can be found online, they can make students … Read more

Get Started: SQL Stored Procedures – SQL Server


In This Article, You Will Know About SQL CASE Statement.  SQL CASE Statement – Before moving ahead, let’s know a bit about the SQL CASE Statement. Table of Contents What is a Stored Procedure? A SQL Store Procedure is a process of saving & storing a code to use it over and over again. If you … Read more

Get Started: SQL NULL Function

In This Article, You Will Know About SQL NULL Function.  SQL NULL Function – Before moving ahead, let’s know a bit about the SQL CASE Statement. Table of Contents SQL NULL Functions The SQL NULL Functions are used to replace the NULL value with another value. Functions are different and work on their usage. Example … Read more

Top 10 Python Deep Learning Libraries For Programmers In 2022

Python continues to be a leader in operating in machine learning and deep learning, artificial intelligence, and data science. The programming community is baffled by Python’s rapid growth and impact, and its numerous application possibilities have made it much simpler for novices and newcomers in the field to pick Python as the primary programming language … Read more

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